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Tappahannock Location: 723 Church Lane
                                                                Tappahannock, Virginia 22560

                  Montross Location: 16400 Kings Highway
                                                         Montross, Virginia 22520

High School Driver Education

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Classroom  Driver  Education

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In Virginia, if you are under age 18, you are required to successfully complete 36 periods of classroom instruction. Currently, we are only teaching Classroom Driver Education in the summer.

Students between the ages of 14 and 18 are accepted. The Driver Education School of Virginia will not accept any
pre-payment prior to the first night of class.

Course Fee: Just $250

Pre-Registration is required.
Start Date will be determined as soon as DMV and the Governor open up driving schools.

On the first night of class we will collectively work out a class schedule of dates and times, which will work around as many conflicts (church, athletics, school events, etc.) as possible.

Historically, most classroom courses are completed within 4-6 weeks.

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Behind The Wheel Driver Education

Course Cost: Just $395

Students with a Virginia learner's permit

(ages 15-18) may register for behind-the-wheel driver education. This can be scheduled on days when classroom instruction is not being received.

On average, each student in our Behind-The-Wheel program drives approximately 175 miles with all 3 students driving over 500 miles. Most of our students get experience driving in about 10 towns and 10 counties.

Most students with few scheduling conflicts complete both classroom and in-car instruction

in 4-6 weeks.

Students may choose to complete classroom driver education here at DESVA and then later take in-car instruction at the public high school in which they are enrolled, or they may return here to take it later.

Some insurance companies grant students who complete a State approved program such as this a   5 % insurance discount. Some grant a 10 % premium discount for successful completion of both classroom and in-car programs.

(Insurance companies have been deregulated, so some offer a discount and others do not)

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